Saturday, November 19, 2005


I just received this email from Sherwin Schwartzrock at Community Comics:

"Community Comics felt compelled to do something to help with the hurricane relief effort. We asked other Christian comic professionals to join us and the result is Tempest.

"The story is really about us as artists. We are usually poor and so far away from the need -- so what can one man do to help? The answer will surprise you.

"Tempest will be in stores February. 100-percent of proceeds from the sale will go to the Salvation Army.

Yet we'd like to do more. Since the message of the comic is also important, our goal is to also print 50,000 comics to give away during the Salvation Army's kettle campaign. If you would like to help, you can donate on the Community Comics webpage promoting the book:

While you're there, please take the time to preview some of the art. We'll be updating these pages as the colored pages come in."
Participating artists include:

Randy Green (Witchblade, Emma Frost, Dollz)
Javier Saltares (David’s Mighty Men, Wolverine, G I Joe)
Sherwin Schwartzrock (ArmorQuest, Deal with the Devil)
Sergio Cariello (Batman, Sojourn, Spider-Man)
Mike Worley (The Simpsons, Archie Comics)
Tom Bancroft (Big Idea, Disney, Opposite Forces)
Phil Hester (Nightwing, Green Arrow, The Wretch)
Tim Kane (Wildguard, Super Crazy TNT Blast!!)
Mario Ruiz (Samson, Testament)
Gary Shipman (Pakkin’s Land, Amazing True Life Stories)
Darren Brady (Handel’s Messiah, HeroTV)
Jesse Hamm (Bitten Apple, Savage Daisies)
Gary Martin (The Moth, Nexus)

For preview pages and more info about how to help, go to the official site.
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