Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Infuze Magazine is publishing a collection of their best Short Stories and Poems from 2005 -- and asking readers to help decide which stories and poems make it into the volume. The nominated short stories were announced yesterday. This is a great time to catch up on any of the great stories you missed this year ...

The nominees (with handy links to the stories online -- free registration required):

"A Cure for Regret" by Christopher Fisher
"Choices" by William G. Jones
"The Cornflakes Submarine" by Ray Sikes
"Ellie" by Michele Archer
"Every Story Has a Moral" by Jeri Massi
"The Fear Effect" by Dana Lucas Timmerman
"The Interrogation" by John Green
"Little Country Church" by Chris Well
"Long Way Home" by Linda Gilmore
"My Name Is Russell Fink" by Michael Snyder
"The Nasya Diner" by Lynn Renee
"New York Moses" by Steve Sheppard
"Of Microbes & Men" by T.L. Hines
"Someone In the Circle" by Michael Duran
"Straddling the Fence" by Dee D. Stewart
"Two Places" by Brian Reaves
"The Trader" by Andrew Chamberlain
"The Vicious Circle" by Matt Bronleewe
"What the Preacher Found" by Calvin Moore

Cast your vote here.

(Eligible poems will be nominated later this week.)

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