Thursday, December 22, 2005


Novelist Joe Konrath has posted a list of Professional Writer Resolutions for the new year. Sounds like good advice ...

I will keep my website updated.

I will start a blog.

I will schedule bookstore signings, and while at the bookstore I'll meet and greet the customers rather than sit dejected in the corner.

I will send out a newsletter, emphasizing what I have to offer rather than what I have for sale, and I won't send out more than four a year.

I will learn to speak in public, even if I think I already know how.

I will make selling my books my responsibility, not my publisher's.

I will stay in touch with my fans.

I will contact local libraries, and tell them I'm available for speaking engagements.

I will attend as many writing conferences as I can afford.

I will spend a large portion of my advance on self-promotion.

I will help out other writers.

I will not get jealous, will never compare myself to my peers, and will cleanse my soul of envy.

I will be accessible, amiable, and enthusiastic.

I will do one thing every day to self-promote.

I will always remember where I came from.

Thanks to Lee Goldberg for linking to this.

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