Saturday, December 10, 2005


As you may have heard, Infuze Magazine is publishing a collection of their Best Short Stories and Poems from 2005 -- and asking YOU to decide which stories and poems make it into the volume.

(Find the nominated short stories here.)

And now, the nominated poems (with handy links to read them online -- free registration required):

"Alone" by C.J. Adams
"An Exercise in the Kinesthetic" by Carissa Halton
"An Unkindness of Ravens" by Bill Smith
"Comfort Zones" by Stacey M. Gagne
"The Dance" by Jonathan Foiles
"Don't Go" by Katie Hart
"Early Delivery" by Gary Brown
"Emergence" by Kimberlee Edgecomb
"Flying Now" by Emily Sutherland
"Her Angels Pack Away Her Things" by Jeffrey Patrick Lemarr
"In Danger" by Bill Arrington
"Lost Letters" by Kendra Seignoret
"Remember" by Rebekah Lee
"Simile at Starbucks" by Marcia Lee Laycock
"Spirare" by Tim Sharp
"The Spirit Breath" by Charlynn Johns
"Till Something Good Screams Through" by Andrea Bass
"Waiting" by Jewel Gingerich
"Wounded Souls" by Jerry Lyn Luckie
"You Take In" by Brandon Smith

Cast your vote here.
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