Saturday, December 03, 2005


Yesterday was crazy get-the-magazine-out-the-door day ... and amid all the last-minute proofing / speedchecking / updating madness, I discovered I was tagged by T.L. Hines to play "seven sevens," of which I am only vaguely familiar.

Normally I don't reply to these sorts of things ... it could damage some of my mystique. But since I've now been called out publicly ...


Seven Things to Do Before I Die
1. Get a house.
2. Have kids.
3. Write a major project for Dark Horse Comics.
4. Write a major project for DC Comics.
5. Write a lot of comics.
6. Become a full-time novelist.
7. Stop being creeped out by these "things to do before I die" lists.

Seven Things I Cannot Do
1. Listen to painful "eye" stories.
2. Budget my time as efficiently as I would like.
3. Convince my wife of the importance of buying DVDs and DVD box sets the week they become available -- BECAUSE THEY MIGHT SELL OUT AND BE GONE FOREVER!!!
4. Stay organized.
5. Watch sad biographical movies (even the "inspirational" stories)
6. Eat weird meats.
7. Write a bad story. (Kidding -- HA!)

Seven Things that Attract Me to My Wife [husband, romantic interest, best friend, whomever]
1. She is a sweet, godly woman.
2. She is my best friend.
3. She is a beautiful woman.
4. She is an artistic soul.
5. She loves comic books as much as I do.
6. Before we were married, she worked in comics!
7. She puts up with me.

Seven Things I Say Most Often
1. "Honey, [latest DVD or DVD box set] is out now!"
2. "So, it's settled -- we're [doing whatever it is the person just said they don't want to do]."
3. "Hey, can we buy [latest DVD or DVD box set]?"
4. "Why I oughtta ..." (Thank you, Three Stooges.)
5. "When do you think we can swing by and get [latest DVD or DVD box set]?"
6. "That is AWESOME!"
7. "And now I'm off to FRANCE!" (Thank you, Jon Lovitz.)

Seven Books (or Series) I Love
1. Kafka on the Shore, Haruki Murakami
2. How Should We Then Live, Francis Schaeffer
3. Maximum Bob, Elmore Leonard
4. That Hideous Strength (Space Trilogy), C.S. Lewis
5. Needful Things, Stephen King
6. The Jesus I Never Knew, Phillip Yancey
7. L.A. Confidential, James Ellroy

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again
1. Charade (actually, most Cary Grant movies)
2. The Fisher King
3. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
4. Get Shorty
5. Dracula (1931) (Bonus: Universal Monster Movies and Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein)
6. Spirited Away (actually, anything directed by Hayao Miyazaki)
7. A Night At the Opera (Bonus: At The Circus)

Seven People I Want to Join in, Too
1. Kevin Hendricks
2. Dave Long
3. Jeremy Zehr
4. Katie Hart
5. Matt Bronleewe
6. Pat Loomis
7. Linda Gilmore
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