Wednesday, January 18, 2006


A recent book of interest is Behind The Screen: Hollywood Insiders on Faith, Film and Culture. The book is co-edited by Spencer Lewerenz, a Hollywood writer and editor, and Barbara Nicolosi, founder of Act One, a nonprofit organization to train “artist-apostles” for positions within the industry. The two have gathered the thoughts of Christian writers, producers and executives living out their faith as they work in the real world of motion pictures and television.

This from the writeup at Baptist Press:

The book is both a cautionary guidepost for those coming to L.A. in order to seek their fortunes or witness to the lost as well as a source of insight for how those outside the industry can impact those on the inside.

Lewerenz and Nicolosi’s volume spans 18 essays by various media professionals, including Ralph Winter, executive producer of “Fantastic Four,” “X-Men” and “I, Robot”; Barbara Hall, executive producer of “Joan of Arcadia,” “Judging Amy” and “Chicago Hope”; Scott Derrickson, director of “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”; Ron Austin, writer for the original “Mission: Impossible” and “ Matlock”; and Thom Parham, writer for “Jag” and “Touched by an Angel.”

This book is not just for film students, this is for any creative writer who wants to impact a broader world. Whether you write short stories, novels, comic books, whatever—this is a must-read. (We are working on an interview with Lewerenz, so watch for that.)
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