Friday, January 13, 2006


This is really cool: In the past few days, I have noticed that this blog has received visitors from all over the world!

I mean, I know that this "all over the world" thing has always been true for the Internet in theory, but now I am actually looking at the list of specific places: Spain, Australia, Estonia, Korea, Canada, Italy, Russia, Philippines, Denmark, Mauritius ...

That is completely amazing to me.*

*(The info provided only tells me the location of the Internet provider; I have no idea who you are, or what brought you to this blog.)

And now (unless somebody is playing some cruel trick on me), I want to say the following friendly "hello" to everyone around the world:

Mirëdita (Albanian)
Ahalan (Arabic)
Parev (Armenian)
Zdravei / Zdrasti (Bulgarian)
Nei Ho (Cantonese)
Dobrý den / Ahoj (Czech)
Goddag (Danish)
Goede dag, Hallo (Dutch)
Hei (Finnish)
Bonjour (French)
Guten Tag (German)
Gia'sou (Greek)
Aloha (Hawaiian)
Shalom (Hebrew)
Namaste (Hindi)
Jó napot (Hungarian)
Halló / Góðan daginn (Icelandic)
Halo (Indonesian)
Aksunai / Qanuipit? (Inuit)
Dia dhuit (Irish)
Salve / Ciao (Italian)
Kon-nichiwa (Japanese)
An-nyong Ha-se-yo (Korean)
Ni hao (Mandarin)
Hallo (Norwegian)
Dzien' dobry (Polish)
Olá (Portuguese)
Bunã ziua (Romanian)
Zdravstvuyte (Russian)
Hola (Spanish)
Jambo / Hujambo (Swahili)
Hej (Swedish)
Sa-wat-dee (Thai)
Merhaba / Selam (Turkish)
Vitayu (Ukrainian)
Xin chào (Vietnamese)
Hylo; Sut Mae? (Welsh)
Sholem Aleychem (Yiddish)
Sawubona (Zulu)

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