Thursday, January 19, 2006


A regular friend of this blog has won the 2005 Fiction Contest at The Sword Review: Fantasy, Science Fiction & More with her story "Voices from the Void."

Science Fiction
Voices from the Void - Winner, 2005 Fiction Contest
by Mirta Ana Schultz

Seven travelers share the safety of a small chamber in a large spacer—the matchmaker, the exobotanist, the missionarian, the politician's daughter, the monk, the holoflick producer, and the woman in search of her voice—all of them knowing that strange happenings await all spacefarers. Time and space follow their own rules and, sometimes, play their own games on susceptible humans. Once these travelers enter the void of space, will the voices they hear be their own?

Check it out here. And congrats, Mir!

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Mirtika said...

Hey, you linked me!!! How cool is that? Might explain the upsurge in blog traffic over at Mirathon.

Color me grinning.


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