Monday, February 13, 2006


Just saw this piece of news:
Chicago IL / Austin TX -- HM Magazine, the leading publication for news, reviews and features related to the growing "Hard Music" genre within the Christian Music underground, has announced a new Director of Advertising and Marketing. John J. Thompson, via his company Gyroscope Arts Incorporated, has assumed the position effective immediately. Thompson and Gyroscope Arts will oversee ad sales for HM and will assist with the marketing and publicity of HM Magazine in both the Christian and the mainstream markets.

Thompson brings twenty years of experience to the HM staff, including his years as editor and ad sales director for True Tunes News magazine in the 1990s, and four years as the Marketing Coordinator for the Cornerstone Festival. In 2004 Thompson founded Gyroscope Arts Incorporated and signed Cornerstone Festival as his first client.

"Basically I perform many of the same duties for Cornerstone as I did when I was on staff full time," Thompson explains, "handling the sales of ad space in the festival's major nationally distributed Program, as well as wider scale sponsorships."

Thompson sees the addition of HM Magazine to the Gyroscope roster as a logical fit. "Cornerstone and HM are obviously cut from the same cloth," Thompson adds. "It's all about progressive culture and the radical truth of the Gospel. HM's commitment to its audience is well known and has created a loyal and growing readership that is a real value to advertisers, just like Cornerstone is. This revenue stream is important for the overall ministry goals of the organizations. I am highly motivated to help vital ministries like this achieve their goals."

HM founder and Editor-in-chief Doug Van Pelt agrees that the fit with Thompson and Gyroscope Arts is obvious. "We're thrilled to be working with an old friend," Van Pelt says. "The benefit of John's talent, experience and skills is obvious."

Thompson is excited about the new venture personally, as well as professionally. "I've been a fan of HM since, literally, the very beginning. I founded True Tunes in 1989, and by then HM (then Heaven's Metal ) was already established as an authoritative voice in the Christian
music underground."

Thompson has been an occasional writer for HM Magazine for several years, and mentioned HM prominently in his 2001 book Raised by Wolves; the Story of Christian Rock and Roll.
See what's up with HM at their official site.
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