Sunday, February 12, 2006


Over the weekend, I discovered this interesting entry from The Examiner in Eastern Jackson County Missouri:
Some people are surprised to discover that many novels are set in Kansas City. The library owns nearly 30 such titles published in the past three years. When a character visits the Nelson-Atkins or Union Station, drives past the Liberty Memorial or Brush Creek, or goes shopping on the Plaza, it helps us identify with the novel. We can visualize the character's exact location. It's also fun to see a local landmark mentioned in a novel.
As anyone who has read Forgiving Solomon Long knows, it is set in KC, Missouri. And it's nice to see it listed among the others on this page.

Here are some fiction titles published in the past two years, set in Kansas City:

- "The King of Kings County: a novel," by Whitney Terrell (domestic fiction).

- "First Dawn," by Judith Miller (historical fiction/Westerns/ Christian fiction).

- "The Perfect Family," by Carla Cassidy (contemporary romance/thrillers).

- "Get Blondie," by Carla Cassidy (contemporary romance/thrillers).

- "Honeymoon Suite: a novel," Lynn Michaels (contemporary romance).

- "Forgiving Solomon Long," by Chris Well (suspense fiction/organized crime).

- "Flying Crows: a novel," by James Lehrer (psychological fiction ­ Washington Post's Best Fiction of 2004 Award).

The article goes on to list several novels set in rural Missouri as well.

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