Monday, February 20, 2006


My old college paper the SIUE Alestle has printed a story about a certain graduate by the name of Chris Well. (Maybe you've heard of him.)

Curiously, the reporter renamed my second novel for me. This despite all the publicity materials readily available (including a very recent story in the nearby Alton Telegraph and an almost-as-recent item in the also-nearby St. Louis Post- Dispatch) ... this despite the novel's ubiquitous presence on Amazon and a dozen other online retailers ... and this despite no fewer than TWO emails from me to the reporter saying "here is my Web address, please go there to make sure you spell everything correctly."

She has decided to tell her readers that the name of my second novel is "Deliver Us From Adam."

How about that.

(And, yes, during the phone interview I even explained that the title Deliver Us From Evelyn is a pun based on "Deliver us from evil.")

UPDATE: I just heard from the reporter, who was quite apologetic. She says the Alestle will run a correction and fix the title on the website.
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