Monday, February 20, 2006


Someone who wants to make a Christian comic book emailed my wife for advice on how to connect with a comic book company and get it distributed. I thought her reply worth sharing:
Your best option is to draw up your comic and make mini comics (at like Kinko's.) Sell them locally and through a place like Spend the $30 and file the minis with the US Copyright office so they're protected. Invest in a website of your own and run your comics on it. Hook up with a free webcomics site like (they're excellent) so you can get your comics in front of people.

If you really believe in your stories and in your artwork you'll work on it to develop your skills, and not wait on or expect someone to necessarily pay you for it yet. You should prepare to be hireable and to be publishable. That means first you have to believe in what you're doing before anyone else will. (But don't get a big head about your stuff either. Nothing's a huger turn-off to someone hiring.)

Educate yourself about comics. Educate yourself on how to work as a freelance artist. Learn how to draw. If you're also writing your own comics, learn how to spell and use punctuation. (Or get someone you know who can to help and double-check them for you.)

Some Christian comics people seem to be under the mistaken impression that because they're doing work "for the Lord" that they don't have to draw very well or know how to spell or punctuate correctly. As a Christian and professional who has hired freelancers, there's nothing more offensive to me than someone who thinks the Lord God is not worth doing your very best work or being professional for. Poor quality also leaves a bad impression on the very people you hope will hire you or buy your book.

People always want to know if there are shortcuts on how to break in and be hired. There are no shortcuts. You have to be able to do the work, be ready to do the work and be willing to do the work. That way the people who have the ability and means to hire will want to hire you. If you ever want to work and make comic books for anyone else, you have to be able to deliver the product even for yourself.
Erica's resume includes work in both comic book retail and publishing—including employment at DC Comics and Milestone Media. Good advice, for anyone entering any sphere of the arts ...
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