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Continuing our conversation with novelist and fellow International Thriller Writers member Thomas O'Callaghan, author of Bone Thief (Pinnacle Books). As we mentioned yesterday, Tom has written an essay on his twelve-year journey to publication, "Recipe For Getting Your Book Published." He is working on his second novel even now.

So, without further ado ...

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Part 2

You consulted with a retired homicide detective to help with the accuracy of your novel—at what part of the process did you start to think about research?
Throughout the writing effort. Case in point: The killer's father is a taxidermist. I knew little, if anything, about the art. That called for research. After the body was discovereed, I planned on inlcuidng an autopsy but had never been to onel., Research was needed there as well.

The journey to the first novel was 12 years. Presumably, the publisher expects the subsequent novels faster ...
Michaela Hamilton, my insightful and ever-helpful editor at Kensington, would like to see a novel a year. They've signed me to two. I hope they ask for a third—I've got the story for it inside my head.

Looking back on your journey to this first novel, what would you have done the same and what would you have done differently?
The same: I'd say I would have been as tenacious. Differently: I'd have gotten a freelance editor to look at it sooner. Choosing Dick Marek made the difference between a good novel and a very good and marketable one.

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