Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Early in the life of my debut crime thriller Forgiving Solomon Long (Harvest House), there was some misunderstanding among well-meaning buyers who wanted to purchase the book. They thought it was limited to specialty stores, when in fact it debuted ALL OVER THE PLACE—the front tables at Borders, end caps at Barnes & Noble, as well as at Family Christian and Parable Christian and online at Wal-Mart.com and Amazon and dozens of other convenient locations.

All. Over. The. Place.

There is something frustrating about being on front tables at 470 Borders Stores across the country and potential buyers mistakenly think (for whatever odd reason) you're only available through specialty gift stores.

Which is why I developed the obvious-but-necessary wording ASK FOR IT WHEREVER CRIME FICTION IS SOLD. To clarify any further misunderstandings, I thought I would take this opportunity to break even this down to explain it:

The reason I can't say "available wherever" is because the really big selling books are all over the place now, popping up at gas stations and grocery stores and, for all I know, school bake sales. My novels generally are not available at gas stations and school bake sales (one friend did find my novel in a grocery store), so I leave it to "Ask For It."

2) ... CRIME FICTION ...
There has also been some confusion over the phrase "crime fiction." Sometimes used interchangably with "Mystery Fiction," except that not every crime story includes a mystery. "Crime Fiction" includes thrillers and suspense titles where you already know the identity of the criminals. This category includes Elmore Leonard and John Grisham and television shows like Law & Order: Criminal Intent and members of International Thriller Writers.

3) ... IS SOLD.
I don't really have much of a comment for that part. Except, perhaps, to add that Forgiving Solomon Long is also available in many, many libraries. But "Ask For It Wherever Crime Fiction Is Borrowed" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

All of which is to say, Deliver Us From Evelyn will start hitting shelves later this month. (I hope to start getting reports of Evelyn sightings from around the country sometime after March 15.) And, of course, at any point you can ask for Deliver Us From Evelyn wherever crime fiction is sold.

In fact, here is a convenient form for you to print out. (The page includes links to find a bookseller near you). Take it your local bookseller and make sure they have Deliver Us From Evelyn on order. If not, they can pre-order it right then and there.

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