Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Something intriguing in today's email blast from Publisher's Lunch, reporting from the annual meeting of the Association of American Publishers:
[Former publishing executive and current ceo of Sony Pictures Entertainment Michael Lynton] observed, "The movie industry's reliance on television [as a marketing vehicle] has grown over the past 20 years," but now "every indication is that that model is going to go away. We probably have as much to learn from the book business as from anyone else."

While the internet only solves some of studios' marketing challenges, where "it works best on very targeted pictures" -- publishers can find greater advantage if they are willing to try. Lynton did note "it is surprising that the book business hasn't made more use of the internet," particularly for Blair Witch-style marketing and audiences.

Free sampling remains the best tool: "The number one way to market a movie is trailer play.... ." Lynton sees publishers and film studios as thinking alike in being reluctant to part with free material in large quantities in order to bring in new audiences, even as the music business goes in the opposite direction.

* * *

Sampling is, of course, how something goes from being obscure to being ubiquitous—whether it is Bill Gates giving away Internet Explorer (and nearly running Netscape out of business) or a popular group offering free downloads of their hit single to promote a new album.

Offering an excerpt or first chapter from a novel is pretty normal anymore, but let's hope that going the extra step and releasing a "single" from Deliver Us From Evelyn will get me some extra traction in the markplate.
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