Wednesday, March 15, 2006

MORE TV!* (except, apparently, for mac users)

Over at his blog A Writer's Life, TV writer and novelist Lee Goldberg points out that AOL's new TV-on-demand service In2TV includes a classic episode of Spenser: For Hire—which, in fact, was Mr. Goldberg's very first sale to television.

The new portal offers many classic TV shows, including action series, soaps and cartoons. Titles range from Babylon 5 and Kung Fu to Chico and the Man and F Troop to Freakazoid and Pinky & The Brain. According to MediaWeek, the service is matching old shows with new games and technology to appeal to a "younger, Web savvy audience."

But, apparently, if you are a mac user, no sense in even trying the service out. (Harumph.)
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