Thursday, April 13, 2006


To the novelist pushing to do better, author and thinker J. Mark Bertrand is always good for asking the right questions about the craft. (He's always causing trouble at the Faith*in*Fiction message boards.)

Two recent blog entries are especially worth checking out:

Dear Author: A Reader's Rant (at The Master's Artist)

I know writing is a hard thing, that our efforts -- be they never so modest -- reflect the best we could do under the circumstances. But honestly. You wouldn't send your children out into the world to be mocked if you could help it, so why not expend the same effort on your stories?

Books Are Better Than Talk (at Notes on Craft)

... it's easy, so easy to talk. About books. About writing them. About why the ones we will someday write (or have written) are better than the ones we wouldn't deign to write (or read).
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