Friday, April 21, 2006


I just heard about this fascinating trilogy set before the flood of Noah: "Cradleland Chronicles" imagines that humanity might have tamed the dinosaurs and achieved a remarkable level of technological advancement before its arrogance drew the wrath of God. Written by Douglas Hirt, the first book in the trilogy is going to be available as a free serialized podcast (audio book). From the press release:

Cook Communications Ministries is launching a free serialized podcast. An audio version of Flight to Eden, the first book in the "Cradleland Chronicles" series by Douglas Hirt, will be provided free to listeners, six chapters each week, with the hope that exposure to the content will lead them to buy the other two books in the series, Quest for Atlan (August 2005) and Fall of the Nephilim (June 2006).

This podcast, believed the first of its kind from a publisher of Christian books, is professionally narrated and produced by Books in Motion.

Douglas Hirt has crafted a compelling hypothesis, based upon Biblical research, into the possibilities of life on earth at that time. The length of pre-Flood life meant Adam and Eve would have lived hundreds of years and probably knew many of their descendents. Hirt explores the possibility of man living alongside dinosaurs and Nephilim (the offspring of angels and humans) and the concept of a society employing technology more advanced than commonly believed. The "Cradleland Chronicles" follows the promise of a savior spoken of in Eden at the beginning of time, and a dark Power intent on gaining complete control of the world through the destruction of mankind.

"There is more the Bible doesn’t say about the pre-Flood world than it does say," Hirt says. "When I began researching this period I discovered there was a lot of extra-Biblical evidence, evidence that would not contradict Biblical record, for amazing civilizations sometime in the past."
Two chapters of Flight to Eden will be released on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for six weeks beginning in May 2006. Each day’s podcast lasts approximately 55 minutes.

A podcast makes an audio file (often an MP3 or AAC file) available online for downloading automatically to a computer or portable digital audio player (iPod or other MP3 player). To receive the podcasts, listeners need access to a Mac or Windows computer with Internet access and either iTunes or Window Media Player software. They also need speakers or headphones connected to their computer to hear the broadcast. Listeners with portable music players (like an iPod) can set their software to automatically download the podcasts to their player. offers a timeline, glossary, character guide, downloadable wallpaper, maps and illustrations. Hirt explains the thinking behind the trilogy in this interview. Subscribe to the podcast at
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