Friday, May 12, 2006


A growing number of books are being marketed with video trailers. (Ted Dekker started doing this a few novels ago, and Marvel Comics tried it briefly a few years ago.) Publishers Weekly reports:

The Book Standard is trying to generate interest, and an audience for, video book trailers. At an event last night in New York the VNU-owned website unveiled three 30-second video spots for titles provided by Bantam Dell. The summer books—Richard Doetsch's The Thieves of Heaven, Alexander Masters' Stuart: A Life Backwards and Cody McFadyen's Shadow Man—were given to film students at a smattering of schools across the country with the directive to make a compelling visual to entice readers to buy the book.

Watch the winning trailers here.

Suspense novelists with promo videos on the Web include my friends Eric Wilson and T.L. Hines. (And, no doubt, more to come.)
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