Friday, May 26, 2006


Most of the time, I post like three items a day about movies or DVDs or artificially flavored cheese snacks. (Well, actually, that last one has never come up—but I always meant to post something about that.)

But for the past few days, my brain has been on hypermarketing overdrive—that's what it takes for an up-and-coming young(ish) novelist to make it in these competitive days. That's why instead of the usual frivolous media reports, recent posts have been about TRY CCM MAGAZINE FOR FREE!!! and 10 (MORE) REASONS TO GO "OVER THE HEDGE" and FORGIVING SOLOMON LONG: 2006 RETAILERS CHOICE AWARDS! and (this is going to come up a lot) FIRST FRIDAY: DELIVER US FROM EVELYN.

I have been spending all my creative energy planning out ways to get Deliver Us From Evelyn (Harvest House) in front of more people.

In the next two weeks alone: A radio interview on June 1 (which you can listen to online), the "first chapter" event on June 2 (almost 30 sites signed on so far, and counting), and my very first public signing on June 10. (I'll share specific details about each of these next week.)

Then we have a super-secret event coming up later in the summer—even my own street team does not know about this yet. (We'll probably break the news for that in July.)

Then we have a second, even-more-super-secret event coming up in the fall. (This one will probably be announced September or October.)

And now I find myself already scheming up ideas that will start rolling the first of next year—leading up to the publication of my third novel, scheduled to hit bookshelves March 2007.

The downside? I find myself sliding and sliding further and further behind with said Novel #3. But I find myself caught up in trying to market #2, so that there will be more demand for #3. (I wonder, will this hamster wheel ever get easier?)

Of course, you're probably more upset that it's been days since I posted anything about DVDs. (Such as, for example, this.)
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