Friday, August 18, 2006

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

Still working on my next novel, but thought I would drop in here to pass along this announcement I received via email:

Our new website is live!
There are multiple pages, including a blog!
The blog is linked through Blogger. I liked their format better. Besides, they'll be nicer to us about sharing bandwidth! We will use that to post the book reviews and you can also stop there to pick up the html for reviews and/or links.
We have a Reviewers Page (I'm still adding some new links of people who have checked in) It also tells how to get the most bang for our buck of blogging!
We have an Industry Links page, for christian fiction and author sites...and any Industry news we can find!
We have a book Schedule page. That will keep us all...including the light as to the upcoming schedule.
The CFBA had a great first year. Now that it is moving to a multi-track format, which allows bloggers to focus on their favorite genre, it can only grow from here.
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