Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Books for Troops

Mystery novelist (and hero to authors everywhere) J.A. Konrath issues a challenge to send books to the troops in Iraq: A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Books for Troops

My friend Doug Hansen, whom I've known since 7th grade, is now in Iraq. In a recent email he mentioned that he bought a bunch of my books to pass around---apparently his unit is starved for entertainment.

I told him that I'd send him more books for the troops for him to distribute. Then I got to thinking---how cool would it be if his unit became the best read bunch of soldiers in the entire US military?

We all have extra books lying around, taking up space. Many of us are writers, and we have extra copies of our novels. I'm asking you to send a few to:

SFC Douglas Hansen
C Co / 163 MI Bn
COB Speicher
APO AE 09393

Postage won't cost much (it's considered domestic rate), and you'll be helping boost morale in a big way. Feel free to include a note or a letter telling them to get home safely.

Please pass this address around. I think it would be incredibly cool if Doug got so many books he began a US library in Baghdad.

Whoever sends the most books to Iraq (be honest) gets signed first editions of my first three novels, in hardcover. Post the number you've sent on www.jakonrath.blogspot.com, or email me at haknort@comcast.net. You have until the end of the month to get your books mailed.
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