Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Complete GET SMART reports on the upcoming mammoth DVD box set containing all five seasons of '60s spy spoof Get Smart. The site lists off the extras here and here. For the first year, it will only be available from Time-Life. From the press release:
Get Smart: The Complete Collection DVD set will be available exclusively from Time-Life via the Time-Life website ( for the first year. This super-sized, specially packaged collection contains every original, unedited episode from all five seasons of Get Smart—a total of 138 episodes on 25 DVDs! Get Smart: The Complete First Season will soon be available as a five-disc set with over two hours of bonus material, also through the Time-Life website and additionally through direct-response television commercials, with Seasons 2-5 to follow.
The series will be available in retail stores until Fall 2007.
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