Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hope for us all

I am finally catching up on some back issues of Wired, and came across an especially interesting article on the two different life cycles of creativity. It turns out that there is a chartable phenomenon that shows how most creative people in any field—writing, music, even science—fall into one of two categories: Those who peak early, and those who work their way up to success later.

What Kind of Genius Are You?
A novel theory suggests that there are two distinct types of creativity—quick and dramatic, or careful and quiet.

An excerpt:
But we should also leave room for those of us who have, er, avoided peaking too early, whose most innovative days may lie ahead. Nobody would have heard of Jackson Pollock had he died at 31. But the same would be true had Pollock given up at 31. He didn’t. He kept at it. We need to look at that more halting, less certain fellow and perhaps not write him off too early, give him a chance to ride the upward curve of middle age.
While we're discussing this particular issue of the magazine, this article was pretty informative, too ...

The Rise and Fall of the Hit
The era of the blockbuster is so over. Niche is now king, and the entertainment industry will never be the same. An excerpt from The Long Tail.
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