Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Interviews with mystery/thriller authors

I have finally sent KINGDOM COME (2007) off to my publisher (let the editorial bloodletting begin!). In the past few weeks, I have gotten behind on posting interviews with mystery/thriller authors here at Learning Curve. We have several Q&As in hand already, and more in the works, so we hope to get back on schedule soon.

In the meantime, a look back at our previous guests ...

Susan Meissner, Widows and Orphans, Pt 1 (29 Aug 06)
Sandra Brown, Ricochet, 11 Aug 06
Colleen Coble, Fire Dancer, Pt 1 (07 Aug 06)
Alton Gansky, Director's Cut, Pt 1 (28 Jul 06)
Wanda Dyson, Intimidation, Pt 1 (21 Jul 06)
Cornelia Read, Field of Darkness, Pt 1 (13 Jul 06)
T.L. Hines, Waking Lazarus, Pt 1 (28 Jun 06)
Lorena McCourtney, On the Run, Pt 1 (12 Jun 06)
Kathryn Mackel, The Hidden, Pt 1 (29 May 06)
Mindy Starns Clark, Blind Dates Can Be Murder, Pt 1 (22 May 06)
Ginny Aiken, Decorating Schemes, Pt 1 (10 May 06)
Robert Liparulo, Comes a Horseman, Pt 1 (20 Apr 06)
Vicki Hinze, Bulletproof Princess, Pt 1 (05 Apr 06)
Tasha Alexander, And Only to Deceive, Pt 1 (29 Mar 06)
Creston Mapes, Full Tilt, Pt 1 (22 Mar 06)
Lonnie Cruse, Murder In Metropolis, Pt 1 (09 Mar 06)
Thomas O'Callaghan, Bone Thief, Pt 1 (15 Feb 06)
Brandilyn Collins, Web of Lies, Pt 1 (08 Feb 06)
Buzz Dixon, Serenity, Pt 1 (24 Jan 06)
Randy Singer, Self Incrimination, Pt 1 (26 Dec 05)
James Scott Bell, Sins of the Fathers Pt 1 (19 Dec 05)
Anne Rice, Christ The Lord (21 Nov 05)

Deliver Us From Evelyn
(Harvest House Publishers)
Chris Well

Everyone from the Feds to the mob is scrambling to find the husband of heartless media mogul Evelyn Blake. But no one can decide which is worsethat he is missing, or that she is not ...

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