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Today , we wrap up our dialogue with novelist Eric Wilson, author of The Best of Evil (WaterBrook Press), the first book in the Aramis Black series. Eric and his wife, Carolyn Rose, live with their two daughters in Nashville, Tennessee. The author of Dark to Mortal Eyes and Expiration Date, Eric has traveled in numerous countries, feeding his love of the outdoors and his need to explore.

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WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR ASPIRING WRITERS? Don't do it for the money. (Good luck with that.) Don't do it for the fame. (You'll never be recognized on the street, or be a household name.) Do it because you love to write and you are passionate about telling a particular story. Learn the craft of fiction through reading novels and how-to books. Do all to the glory of God, then have a blast with it.

WHAT DO YOU WISH NON-WRITERS UNDERSTOOD? Yes, I've heard of Oprah's book club, and no, I'm not the only novelist who has tried to get her attention. I appreciate that others want the best for writers, but there are reasons that publicists and marketers get paid to do what they do.

WHAT DO YOU WISH OTHER WRITERS UNDERSTOOD? I love to promote other writers -- through reviews, endorsements, blogs -- because I know how discouraging things can be. I wish we could all be more willing to encourage each other through frustrating times, rather than buying into the idea that we must put on the facades of being successful (since most of us aren't).

FOR THE WRITER WITH A NEW BOOK, WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER THE BEST THING TO PROMOTE IT? If anyone figures that out, please tell me. I've tried using emails, a web site, blogs, postcards, book-signings, contests and giveaways, etc. I am thinking of faking my own kidnapping, for the sake of national publicity. Still working out the details.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND JOINING AN AUTHOR GUILD? I think other authors can be a great encouragement (as I've discovered in a small group call Sta Akra).I think you must be careful, though, to find a balance of honesty and positive feedback. Frustrated, unpublished authors sometimes slip into these things and shoot poisoned barbs at everyone within reach. Small is better, in my experience.

WHEN CHOOSING FROM ALL THE ORGANIZATIONS AVAILABLE, WHAT TRAITS SHOULD A NOVELIST LOOK FOR? Boy, you're asking the wrong person. I spend most of my time focused on writing and reading, with very little energy put into such organizations. Maybe one day, when my sales are such that I don't have to work a job while also writing, I'll have time for these sort of things. At present, I'm more concerned with being a good husband and father -- because those will still be there, whether my career ever gets off the ground or not.

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Wednesday: Eric Wilson at Davis-Kidd

Many thanks to our guest, Eric Wilson. Find him online at, and follow his blog at

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