Friday, November 10, 2006

"I Can't Believe It's Not KINGDOM COME!"(tm)

Coming May 2007: Tribulation House (Harvest House Publishers):


MARK HOGAN has it all. The job. The family. A position on the board at church. All he's missing is a boat. Not just any boat -- a 2008 Bayliner 192.

When Reverend Daniel Glory announces that the Rapture is taking place on October 17 at 5:51 A.M., Hogan realizes his boat-buying days are numbered. So he does what any man in his situation would do -- he borrows a load of money from the mob.

Not that there's any risk involved: After all, when the Rapture comes, Hogan will be long gone. The mob will never find him.

But when Jesus fails to come back on schedule, Mark Hogan finds the mob is in no mood to discuss the finer points of end-times theology ...

* * *

"Chris Well's hilarious new mystery is not to be missed. Even though it's an amusing romp, it's not light on spiritual truths. I highly recommend it!" -- Colleen Coble, author of Midnight Sea

"Finally! A religious thriller in which the Rapture DOESN'T occur. Chris Well has taken a brilliant last-days plot and packed it with his trademarked combination of humor, pop culture, theology, and organized crime. The result is as thought-provoking as it is seriously funny. Don't get left behind on this one." -- Jason Boyett, author of Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse and Pocket Guide to the Bible

"What would you do if you thought you knew exactly when Jesus was returning? Hopefully you’d make better choices than Mark Hogan’s big truck and boat purchases! Tribulation House will make you think even while you’re enjoying the offbeat people and laughing at the quirky humor." -- Lorena McCourtney, author of the Ivy Malone Mysteries
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