Thursday, December 14, 2006

Crime Scene: Jerusalem

In his latest newsletter, thriller novelist Alton Gansky mentioned the Dec. 20 release of his latest novel, Crime Scene Jerusalem (River Oak):

One thing that makes the book interesting is that the idea was not mine. Usually—at least with novels—I draw from my own well of ideas, but this one was different. The publisher pitched me. Usually it’s the other way around. You can read more about that at

Here’s the info on the book:

What if a forensic detective could investigate the evidence surrounding the death of Jesus ... and his resurrection?

Just ask Detective Max Odom. He knows all too well.

Maxwell Odom, one of the nation’s top crime-scene investigators, is in Jerusalem delivering a keynote speech to an association of Israeli police. The ugliness his job has forced him to witness has darkened his soul and calloused his mind. He has become cynical and unpleasant.

One evening he steps out of his hotel room to meet his driver and discovers he has been miraculously transported to ancient Jerusalem tin the days following Jesus’ crucifixion. According to his guide, the only way for Odom to return to his own time is by solving a historical crime—a conspiracy of the many to kill the One.

What’s the true reason Odom has been brought back in time? Can he ever get home? And who is his mysterious guide?

Crime Scene Jerusalem is the kind of novel that lingers in your soul, long after you put it down. Alton Gansky did a masterful job of portraying this modern crime-scene investigator who finds himself thrust into a time he know nothing about--and learns how his own tragic life intersects with those who walked with Jesus. Besides holding me captive with his surprising, page-turning story, Gansky taught me things I didn't know. I wish everyone would read this book."
-- TERRI BLACKSTOCK, bestselling author of Last Light

“A clever concept, insightful observation, and the deft hand of a skilled suspense writer culminate in this enlightening and entertaining novel.” -- JACK CAVANAUGH, bestselling author of the American Family Portrait series

“Through Crime Scene: Jerusalem's intriguing premise, Alton Gansky leads us on a criminal investigation with momentous implications. Get ready to meet eyewitnesses and take a fresh look at crucial historical events.” -- RANDY ALCORN, author of Safely Home and Deception

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