Friday, January 05, 2007

For Writers Only: Mad Genius Writer

Next week, thriller writer Randy Ingermanson launches The Mad Genius Writer E-zine, a free monthly electronic magazine focusing on internet marketing for writers -- whether you write fiction or nonfiction, whether you are a "techie" or "non-techie."
I’m steamed about the last writing conference I went to. Yet another novelist whom I respect and admire admitted to the ghastly truth: She’s barely making enough money as a writer.

Doesn’t that make you want to scream? Good writers shouldn’t be broke!

It wouldn’t bother me if she were a hack writer. But she’s good. She’s better than good, she’s excellent. She’s better than excellent, she’s stupendous. So why isn’t she making decent money?

I hate to hear that. And I’ve heard it one too many times. I want to do something about it. Right now.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, I believe there is just no good reason for you to be broke. I may be wrong--but then again I may be right. You can believe me or you can disbelieve me, but please hear me out before you tell me I’m full of bull.

Here is the thesis of this web site: “All writers everywhere should be rich.”
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Randy Ingermanson earned a Ph.D. in physics at U.C. Berkeley, and is the award-winning author of six novels and one non-fiction book. Randy publishes the world’s largest electronic magazine on how to write fiction, the FREE monthly Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine.
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