Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Outrageous verdict for Eric Volz

For those who have not heard about this, Nashville native Eric Volz was falsely accused of murder in Nicaragua. The update from his family:
With the heaviest heart we inform everyone that the judge just pronounced Eric "GUILTY". We are in a state of total shock and disbelief. It is incomprehensible that we find ourselves dealing with what may come next.

Our understanding from the Embassy is that Eric will be remanded back into the penitentiary system. We are, as we were before, extremely, extremely worried about his safety.

Please contact your Congresspersons immediately!!!

Go to the Friends of Eric web site to “Congressional Contact” to find the link to your Congressman as soon as possible to register your outrage at this judgment.

The prosecution presented no evidence that Eric is any way connected to, or guilt, of this crime. We strongly believe this may be a politically-based decision.


Thank you for your prayers and hope -– the vigil continues.

Eric’s family
News links:
Verdict leaves Volz’s family, officials in state of shock (Nashville City Paper)
American guilty in Nicaragua (San Antonio Express)
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