Saturday, December 08, 2007

Charlie Chan and the Internet

Check this out: Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, every week Charlie Chan fans are able to synchronize their DVD players and VCRs, watch a designated Charlie Chan film "together," and then chat about the film online. To get in on the fun, find details at fan site The Charlie Chan Family Home. (This Monday's selection is Charlie Chan at the Opera. Future entries still this month are Charlie Chan in the Secret Service on Dec. 17, and a special Sunday night edition with The Red Dragon on Dec. 23.)

Also of note, the site has a run of the Charlie Chan comic strip from the 1940s. (New entry posted every Sunday.) On top of that, the site also features comprehensive info about the core film series (which ran from 1931-1949), ancillary films, the "lost" films, actor bios, and more.

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