Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Biz of Fiction

Two weeks ago, I was caught up in a wave of layoffs by my former employer. I haven't really discussed it publicly because the shock is still too fresh.

Upon hearing of my new "freelance" status, several have instantly asked whether this means I am going to start writing fiction full-time. Perfect as that sounds, the statistics are against me. (Even the great Elmore Leonard had to publish twenty-three novels before he had a hit.)

But now that I have my nights and weekends back ... and, well, all the weekdays, too ... at least I can get to writing again. In fact, 2008 was already the year I planned to reinvent myself. (I just expected to still have health insurance for my wife while I was doing it.)

Part of this new strategy starts with the free mystery story we're offering to subscribers to our newsletter.

Meanwhile, some advice on the business of writing from agent Chip MacGregor:
Interviews, Platforms, and Careers
State of Confusion
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