Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meet the authors of HPMysteries

The new group-blog Spyglass Lane gives you the opportunity to meet the authors of the brand-new cozy mystery line Heartsong Presents--MYSTERIES! (Judging from the blog's links, that list of authors now includes Anita Higman, Candice Miller Speare, Christine Lynxwiler, Cynthia Hickey, Dana Mentink, Darlene Franklin, Eileen Key, Elizabeth Ludwig, Frances Devine, Janelle Mowery, Janice A. Thompson, Linda P. Kozar, Lisa Harris, Mary Connealy, Nancy Mehl, S. Dionne Moore, Sandra Robbins, Susan Downs, Susan Page Davis, and Yvonne Lehman. (You can also check in with the editors at their own blog, The Edit Cafe blog.)

As previously mentioned, this month sees the official launch of the subscription series. My wife and I already subscribed and are anxiously awaiting out first round of books. (All for the low price of $13.99 -- plus free books just for trying the club out!) Details about the offer here.
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