Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ten drafts, eleven drafts, twelve ...

As previously mentioned, I will soon (eventually) be giving an EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE short story to subscribers to my free newsletter WELL READ. The original plan was to initiate a holiday tradition and send it out for Christmas ... but it is looking like this first one is going to be late. (Well, "looking like" is being a little too gracious. We're already a couple weeks past the deadline.)

Here's the thing: Whereas one of my novels goes through three-four-sometimes five drafts before my time runs out ... this shorter piece has now gone through a dozen or more drafts. The difference seems to be that in a manuscript that has 80,000-100,000 words, there are all kinds of places to tuck in a clue or work in some foreshadowing. But when you're in the neighborhood of just 12-13,000 words -- especially with a murder mystery, which requires a lot of working parts -- there are not so many places where you can tuck in something and make it seem natural.

And since this is the launch of a series, I want it to be just right.

What this means to you:
1) If you are a subscriber to my newsletter, it's still going to be a few more days.
2) If you are not yet a subscriber, you still have time to sign up for this limited offer.

As the number of drafts pile up, it occurs to me that we can have a drawing at the end, too. For those who have an interest, one subscriber will win a package that includes hard copies of two or three of the previous versions of the story -- with all the scribblings and notes in the margin that entails. Anyone who wants the chance to compare the various versions (including the original 15,000 word novella) with the final product, this will be your chance.

In the meantime, I just hope to finally finish this story ...
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