Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Heartsong Presents Mysteries: The Authors!

Back in January, my wife and I subscribed to the new cozy mystery series Heartsong Mysteries! Book Club. We're still anxiously watching our mailbox for the first volumes. In the meantime, it's exciting to get to know all the inaugural authors ...

Monday, Keep Me In Suspense posted an interview with Anita Higman (Another Stab At Life). Previous interviews with HPM authors include Lisa Harris (Recipe For Murder), Susan Page Davis and Megan Elaine Davis (Murder At Heron Lake), Dana Mentink(Trouble Up Finny's Nose), Nancy Mehl(In The Dead of Winter), Christine Lynxwiler(Death on a Deadline), and Candice Miller Speare (Murder in the Milkcase).

Our friends at Novel Journey have also posted some HPM-related interviews, including imprint editor Susan Downs (part one and part two) and author Dana Mentink.

And, of course, we have also interviewed three HPM authors (so far):
Q&A: JANICE A. THOMPSON (Gone With The Groom)
Q&A: SUSAN PAGE DAVIS (Homicide at Blue Heron Lake)
Q&A: LISA HARRIS (Recipe For Murder)

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