Monday, June 09, 2008


While my lovely wife, Erica, and I continue to wrestle with this outdated computer we pulled out of the closet, we are unable to update our regular website. (Which is also why I'm still so hit-and-miss updating my other sites, profiles, blogs, etc. -- not to mention woefully behind on my writing. Even basic stuff like checking my email is exhausting; I imagine it's not unlike trying to suck a hamburger through a straw.)

In the meantime, you can still enjoy Erica's comic strip The Miller Sisters, updated weekly at TitleTrakk. (Scroll to the bottom.)

All Julia wanted was an ordinary life. It seems like God has other plans ...

Catch up on the story at on Erica's profile at ComicSpace. Visit TitleTrakk's About section to read Erica's bio.

(And, yes, we do have plans to get a new computer this summer. Everything in good time.)
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