Thursday, August 28, 2008

Deadline City

Our crazy summer is officially turning into a crazy fall. I have three cozy mysteries due to my publisher over the next six months, all in my "Kentucky Geezers" trilogy for Heartsong Presents: Mysteries -- Nursing a Grudge next month, Burying the Hatchet in December, and Knocking 'Em Dead in February. Of those three, Grudge is written and been revised several times, with one more revision (at least!) before I turn it in. I have a lot of the specifics plotted for Hachet, which is my first "impossible crime" scenario; I am really excited to get this one done. Knocking 'Em Dead I am plotting now. The books are relatively short, at 63,000 words, but the events of the summer whittled away any margin I had with my schedule. It's go time.

Meanwhile, I also developed a political thriller series, which my agent is discussing with various publishers. And my wife Erica and I are discussing a few comics projects we may pursue by the end of the year.

(That about covers it.)

During this time, I'm also having some savage dental surgery (which I *so* do not look forward to). I have actually been to the dentist multiple times this summer prepping for it.

By the way, the "Kentucky Geezers" books will be available first to HPM subscribers starting around spring 2009. It sounds like they'll make it to retail stores later in the year. (Subscribe to Heartsong Presents: Mysteries and get four books FREE!)
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