Friday, September 19, 2008

Diagnosis Murder: The Death Merchant

This second volume of the official Diagnosis: Murder novels is another winner in the series. Author Lee Goldberg brings his experiences from the original television series to these books, but also takes advantage of the form: Without the limits of a television production -- budget, time, or casting -- Goldberg is free to explore Dr. Sloan's adventures on an epic scale. As such, these books do not limit their appeal to fans of the show, but are great entertainment for any mystery fan.


A dream vacation in Hawaii turns into a nightmare for Dr. Mark Sloan and his son, Steve, when a man they've befriended falls victim to a shark attack. But when Mark discovers evidence indicating the victim was murdered prior to becoming shark food, he and Steve comb the beaches to find a different kind of predator...

Official site at Berkley Prime Crime

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