Monday, September 29, 2008


Fletch's Fortune
Written by Gregory Mcdonald

Irwin Maurice Fletcher, everyone's favorite independently wealthy journalist, con artist, author, art researcher, and sleuth (not necessarily in that order), once again finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place -- this time the "rock" being the CIA, the IRS, and the threat of prison for tax evasion ... and the "hard place" being a national journalism convention at which Fletch has been forced to spy on his former colleagues. Things only get more complicated when prominent publisher Walter March is found lying face up with a pair of scissors in his back -- and all the conventioneers are trying to beat the police to the scoop.

The third volume in Gregory Mcdonald's delightful Fletch series, Fletch's Fortune is as fresh and engaging as the two Edgar Award-winning novels that preceded it, Fletch and Confess, Fletch. Mcdonald's excellent storytelling skills are on display, as the book is chock full of snappy dialogue, quirky characters, and clever twists and turns along the way. I dare you to put it down.

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