Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The humiliation of revisions

Okay, so I am up to my knees in what will be the final revision of Nursing a Grudge before I turn it in to my publisher on Monday. We've reached the part of the process where I have called on for the help of my sisters-in-law, who are excellent at picking my books apart and finding all the stuff that needs to be fixed.

As necessary as it is to edit the manuscript -- cutting out what doesn't belong, adding what you should have put in already, fixing continuity problems, smoothing out what is left, and just general fine-tuning -- there is still something about the whole process that tends to be humiliating. (At least, if you're doing it right.)

Of course, turning in the manuscript is not the end of the journey ... because then your editor will find still more stuff you need to fix.

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