Monday, September 15, 2008

Kentucky Geezers 2009

For those who missed the occasional update, I have three murder mysteries coming out in 2009 from cozy mystery publisher Heartsong Presents: Mysteries -- Nursing A Grudge, Burying The Hatchet, and Knocking 'Em Dead, collectively titled the "Kentucky Geezers Mysteries."

What I really love about the HPM printing model is that the books will be available through multiple streams: In spring and summer 2009, they will be available to HPM subscribers, and at that time likely also available as mail order from HPM directly.

After an interval of a few months, all three titles from my KENTUCKY GEEZERS trilogy will be available through retail, possibly as three separate books, but definitely as a 3-in-1 volume. I recently heard that the 3-in-1 volume KENTUCKY GEEZERS will be available in retail November 2009.

So, you have a lot of options there!

Obviously, we'll keep you posted as we get closer to our release dates. In the meantime, I have to continue working on the actual books. (In fact, my manuscript for Nursing A Grudge is due to HPM today.)

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