Friday, October 24, 2008

Building critical mass

One challenge for any novelist is finding just enough fans to stay in print ... long enough that complete strangers can also discover your book. Marketing guru Seth Godin (Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us) has a few things to say on the topic, in his blog entry The sad truth about marketing shortcuts:

"Critical mass is the pay off from focused, consistent effort. Critical mass is what you don't get if you are constantly working the angles and looking for a shortcut. ... If you have a presence on twitter, squidoo, blogs, facebook, myspace, linkedin and 20 other sites, the chances of finding critical mass at any of them is close to zero. But if you dominate, if you're the goto person, the king of your hill, magical things happen. One follower in each of twenty places is worthless. Twenty connected followers in one place is a tribe. It's the foundation for building something that matters." (Read the whole entry here.)

Speaking of which, I have whittled my social network presence down to primarily
Facebook and ShoutLife. (The other pages are still out there, but I don't have time to visit all of them.)

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