Friday, October 10, 2008

In the news (Oct 10)

Kentucky Deputy Wanted in Ex-Girlfriend's Murder Captured at Days Inn (FOXNews, Oct 7)
The sheriff's deputy accused of killing his ex-girlfriend in Kentucky was taken into custody early Tuesday at a motel in Iowa.

Ala. sheriff says inmate hid hacksaw in Bible (AP, Oct 8)
In Houston County, a 19-year-old man used a hidden hacksaw to cut through a cell bar, but an observant correctional officer saw the damage and searched the inmate's cell.

Body Found in Suitcase in New York Park Contains $100,000 Worth of Heroin Packets (FOXNews, Oct 8)
A man found dead in a suitcase in a suburban park was a drug "mule" who had 50 packets of heroin in his body and probably died when one or two of them broke open, police said Tuesday.

Zoo trip returns to bite suspect (Oklahoman, Oct 8)
A man unwittingly helped lead to his own arrest in the case of a python and a tortoise stolen from the zoo -- when went back to the zoo that day to ask employees how to care for a python and a tortoise.

MTSU confirms arrest made in e-mail threat (City Paper, Oct 9)
Middle Tennessee State University officials confirmed late Thursday the arrest of student Justin Davis, following the receipt of threatening e-mails and what appeared to be a deliberately set residence hall fire.

Sheriff in Ill. county won't evict in foreclosures (AP, Oct 9)
Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart won't take part in evictions, concerned that many being evicted are renters unaware their landlords are failing to pay their mortgages.

Palins Repeatedly Pressed Case Against Trooper (NYTimes, Oct 9)
Former Alaska public safety commissioner Walt Monegan believes he was ousted because he would not bow to pressure to dismiss Michael Wooten, the Alaska state trooper now divorced from Gov. Sarah Palin’s sister. The Alaska Legislature is investigating whether the governor abused the powers of her office to pursue a personal vendetta.
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