Saturday, October 25, 2008

Next from Heartsong Presents: Mysteries

Coming up in the latest shipment from cozy mystery imprint Heartsong Presents: Mysteries:

Down Home and Deadly
Christine Lynxwiler, Jan Reynolds, and Sandy Gaskin
When Jenna Stafford quits her deadend job to help her sister Carly open a diner, she may have jumped from a the frying pan into the fire. Even though business is really cooking, last time the sister checked, murder was not on the menu.

Of Mice ... And Murder
Mary Connealy
Being named in great-grandma's will was like hitting bankrupt on the Wheel of Fortune. The whole family held their breath while the wheel ticked around and around-or rather while the lawyer opened the envelope.

Misfortune Cookies
Linda P. Kozar
Best firends Sue Jan and Lovita run a beauty shop/boutique in the little West Texas town of Wachita. They share a passion for food and fun. But one day, over lunch in a Chinese restraurant, Lovita opens a fortune cookie with a sinister fortune.

There Goes Santa Claus
Nancy Mehl
A few days before December 25, Ivy and her husband Amos are awakened by noises on their rooftop. Amos' joke that Santa Claus must have arrived early loses its humor when a body goes flying past their second-story window.
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