Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Fans of classic pulp detective The Shadow will be glad to know that Radio Spirits has a new collection of 1930s-40s old time radio dramas starring the masked vigilante: The Shadow: Knight of Darkness features eighteen digitally restored and remastered episodes from the classic mystery/suspense series on nine audio CDs, including episodes featuring three of the actors who portrayed the title dual role of The Shadow and alter ego, Lamont Cranston -- Orson Welles, William Johnstone, and Bret Morrison. The set also includes two newly discovered "lost" episodes from 1938, plus a program guide by radio historian Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. with photographs and background info about the shows. (For more details click here.)

More of The Shadow:

Radio Dramas
The Shadow (3-Hour Collectors' Editions) (3-Hour Collectors' Editions)
Mystery: Old Time Radio Shows (Original Radio Broadcasts)

Mystery Classics 50 Movie Pack Collection (with The Shadow Strikes and The Shadow: International Crime)
Shadow: Shadow Strikes/International Crime (1937/1938)
The Shadow (1994)

Classic Pulp Reprints from Nostalgia Ventures (each featuring two novels)
The Shadow #1: "The Golden Vulture" and "Crime, Insured"
The Shadow #2: "The Chinese Disks" and "Malmordo"
The Shadow #3: "The Red Blot" and "The Voodoo Master"
The Shadow #4: "The Murder Master" and "The Hydra"
The Shadow #5: "The Black Falcon" and "The Salamanders"
The Shadow #6: "The Shadow's Justice" and "The Broken Napoleans"
The Shadow #7: "The Cobra" and "The Third Shadow"
The Shadow #8: "The London Crimes" and "Castle of Doom"
The Shadow #9: "Lingo" and "Partners of Peril" (the stories that inspired the creation of BATMAN!)
The Shadow #10: "The City of Doom" and "The Fifth Face"
The Shadow #11: "The Road of Crime" and "Crooks Go Straight"
The Shadow #12: "Serpents of Siva" and "The Magigals Mystery"
The Shadow #13: "Six Men of Evil" and "The Devil Monsters"
The Shadow #14: "The Grove of Doom" and "The Masked Lady"
The Shadow #15: "The Shadow Unmasks" and "The Yellow Band"
The Shadow #16: "City of Crime" and "Shadow Over Alcatraz"
The Shadow #17: "The Fate Joss" and "The Golden Pagoda"
The Shadow #18: "The Golden Masks" and "The Unseen Killer"
The Shadow #19: "VooDoo Trail" and "Death's Harlequin" (more origins of BATMAN)
The Shadow #20: "The Blue Sphinx" and "Jibaro Death"
The Shadow #21: "The Plot Master" and "Death Jewels"

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