Saturday, November 01, 2008

Making a film on a microbudget

The folks at MyFlik has released a series of DVDs that, altogether, form the screenwriting workshop "Writing A Great Script Fast." From the site:

Writing A Great Script Fast In A Nutshell: Story is the hardest thing to learn for most digital filmmakers these days since the technology has become so easy to use and inexpensive. How would you like to write a great script in about 24 hours while learning almost everything you need to know to tell brilliant visual stories for the rest of your life? Click on the link above for more info and downloads.

Order the DVDs from Amazon:
Part 1 Introduction & Basics
Part 2 Brainstorming For Story Ideas
Part 3 Creating Original Characters
Part 4 Character History
Part 5 Metaphors & Symbols
Part 6 Symbolic Story Elements
Part 7 Symbolic Story Themes
Part 8 Drama & Hero Journey Plots
Part 9 Other Types Of Plot
Part 10 Plot Twists, Goals & Endings
Part 11 Setups & Short Films Plot Points
Part 12 Feature Film Plot Points & Symbolic Settings
Part 13 Treatments & Finding Nemo 40 Plot Points
Part 14 Adding Conflict
Part 15 Scene Reversals
Part 16 Plot Weaving
Part 17 Dialogue & Monologues
Part 18 Suspense
Part 19 Humor & Screenwriting
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