Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Detectives: NERO WOLFE and ARCHIE GOODWIN by Rex Stout

Fer-de-Lance/The League of Frightened MenComplete list of murder mysteries starring brilliant detective Nero Wolfe and confidential assistant Archie Goodwin. Written by Rex Stout:

Fer-de-Lance (1934)
The League of Frightened Men (1935)
The Rubber Band (1936)
The Red Box (1937)
Too Many Cooks (1938)
Some Buried Caesar (1939)
Over My Dead Body (1940)
Where There's a Will (1940)
Black Orchids (1942)
Not Quite Dead Enough (1944)
The Silent Speaker (1946)
Too Many Women (1947)
And Be a Villain (More Deaths Than One) (1948)
Trouble in Triplicate (1949)
The Second Confession (1949)
Three Doors to Death (1950)
In the Best Families (Even in the Best Families) (1950)
Curtains for Three (1951)
Murder by the Book (1951)
Triple Jeopardy (1952)
Prisoner's Base (Out Goes She) (1952)
The Golden Spiders (1953)
Three Men Out (1954)
The Black Mountain (1954)
Before Midnight (1955)
Three Witnesses (1956)
Might as Well Be Dead (1956)
Three for the Chair (1957)
If Death Ever Slept (1957)
And Four to Go (1958)
Champagne for One (1958)
Plot It Yourself (Murder in Style) (1959)
Three at Wolfe's Door (1960)
Too Many Clients (1960)
The Final Deduction (1961)
Homicide Trinity (1962)
Gambit (1962)
The Mother Hunt (1963)
Trio for Blunt Instruments (1964)
A Right to Die (1964)
The Doorbell Rang (1965)
Death of a Doxy (1966)
The Father Hunt (1968)
Death of a Dude (1969)
Please Pass the Guilt (1973)
A Family Affair (1975)
Death Times Three (1985)

Two-in-One Editions:
Fer-de-Lance/The League of Frightened Men
The Rubber Band/The Red Box 2-in-1
Too Many Cooks/Champagne for One (Nero Wolfe Mysteries)
Some Buried Caesar/The Golden Spiders
Black Orchids/The Silent Speaker: Nero Wolfe Mysteries

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