Monday, March 02, 2009

Comic Book Art and Marketing Your Art

This coming Sunday, the Nashville Artist Guild welcomes my wife, Erica, as guest speaker. She'll discuss "Comic Book Art and Marketing Your Artwork," using her experiences in the comic book field as a springboard to dialogue with other artists in attendance about what can be done to market one's art.

The meeting is 2:30 pm March 8 at Vine Street Church on West End Ave and Vine Court. (Held in the counseling offices, located in the building behind the sanctuary.) The address is 4101 Harding Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37205. (See a map)

More info at Erica's blog: "NAG Talk Sunday March 8th: Comic Book Art and Marketing Your Artwork."

Erica Well has more than 20 years experience in comics, and has worked on staff at Milestone Media, Broadway Comics and DC Comics. She's currently working on her first graphic novel. Erica, of course, is the co-writer and artist for our new mystery series, Best Mann For The Job.
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