Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Archiving BEST MANN

Erica and I feel like we're starting to find the rhythm for BEST MANN FOR THE JOB. (We now have the first 100 strips outlined!) If you need to catch up, we've created an archive page on our site -- just click on over to

We also got a nice write-up from the comics news service CCI:
Husband/Wife Team-Up Works Well
A new weekly web strip entitled Best Mann For The Job is being produced by crime fiction writer Chris Well and comics veteran Erica Well of Tennessee USA. The comic stars Grace Mann, "a woman with a complicated past," who has returned home to be her small town's new sheriff. "We like to think of it as a cross between a rural Dick Tracy and Gasoline Alley," explains Chris, who co-writes the series with wife/artist Erica, a former staffer for DC Comics and creator of The Miller Sisters comic strip. "Not only is Grace the new sheriff, her dad is the town minister and her mom will soon run for mayor," Chris adds. "As the series progresses, we hope to explore the friction that can happen among the three offices -- the law, the church, and the state." In addition to the Best Mann website, there is also a Best Mann fan page on Facebook. (CCI News)
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A woman with a complicated past returns home to become the small town's new sheriff. Best Mann For The Job is by the writer/artist team of Chris and Erica Well. Read it from the beginning at Watch the trailer on YouTube.