Friday, June 19, 2009

Publishing news (June 19)

Another week's worth of links from the world of publishing, including a face-off between Michael Connelly and Janet Evanovich ... USA TODAY's plan to start running comics (in a way) ... authors who solve crimes ... and more. (Digital publishing news will be posted as a separate entry.)

PT 1: Michael Connelly and Janet Evanovich: Author One-to-One (Amazon Omnivoracious)
PT 2: Janet Evanovich and Michael Connelly: Author One-to-One (Amazon Omnivoracious)
2009 Barry Award Nominees (Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind)
Learning Library Gives New Insights into Big-Name Authors (International Thriller Writers)

Cozy Mysteries with Authors as Sleuths, Pt. 1 (of 3): A-D (Cozy Mystery List Blog)
Cozy Mysteries with Authors as Sleuths, Pt. 2 (of 3): E-L (Cozy Mystery List Blog)
Cozy Mysteries with Authors as Sleuths, Pt. 3 (of 3): M-Z (Cozy Mystery List Blog)

Superman to leap off these pages (USA TODAY)
Webcomic Unravels a Colonial-era Forensic Mystery (Booz / Allen / Hamilton)
New Webcomic Announced: Mystery Solved! (Mystery Solved!)
Washington Post Writers Group to launch Fort Knox (Daily Cartoonist)
Who are the top subscribed comics on (Daily Cartoonist)
Kidjutsu: A Kid-Safe Site for Webcomics (Publishers Weekly)
Links: Farewell, MySpace (Digital Strips)

Social Networking: Unlocking Behavioral Disorders (Wildfire Marketing)
Scalejacking (Seth Godin)
Textbook Rant (Seth Godin)
A Dozen Questions about Writing Conferences (Chip MacGregor)
Sandra Confesses: "I'm a Facebook Flunky!" (Chip MacGregor)
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